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Are companies taking advantage of diversity & inclusion?

The survey was conducted in March 2022 using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) methodology. It involved 568 customers of Business Assurance in DNV across different industries in Europe, North America, Central & South America and Asia.

The sample does not claim to be statistically representative of companies worldwide. For further information, please see the full study.

A total of 87 companies in the sample were identified as LEADERS based on a list of attributes defined by the project team.

  • Companies indicating that D&I is part of their company’s overall business strategy
  • Companies self-assessing their implementation maturity as leading or optimizing  

LEADERS represent 15.3 % of the total respondents; the analysis of their answers offers insights into the best practices and mindset of the companies with a bit more mature approaches to diversity and inclusion.

Additional Notes​

Green circles in charts: significantly above average data. Red circles: significantly below average data.

Small / large companies: Small companies (<99 employees) versus large companies (>= 500 employees).

Company maturity: Young companies (<19 years in business) versus mature companies (>=20 years on business) 

Geographic footprint: Global versus domestic companies