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Building trust in Next Generation Genomics

Powerful computers and advances in science have opened up a new area within genomics and precision medicine. But some key challenges must be addressed in order to reap the true potential.

Next Generation Genomics is a disruptive technology that can significantly enhance how we treat patients.

DNA sequencing machines are advancing at a rapid pace, providing better opportunities for analysis of complete genetic sequences and identifying the most effective treatments.

But in order to make this technology available to everyone and implement it into mainstream healthcare, we need a safe and effective way of storing, sharing and managing data.

DNV GL works on a sharing model so that patients, healthcare providers and researchers can work together to better solve challenges within genomics.

See our brochure and video to learn more about the opportunities of Next Generation Genomics and how we can take the technology to the next level.

  Next Generation Genomics

Next Generation Genomics

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  Video: The story of Anna

Video: The story of Anna

And the potential of Next Generation Genomics