Live from Singapore Webinar Series, Season 2 Episode 1

Future-proofing shipping: The decarbonization game-changer (Jan 2022)

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The first episode of the Live from Singapore webinar series explores opportunities and impacts of global transformations on the maritime industry across South East Asia. The discussion focusses on perception and strategies of decarbonization in shipping and how ship owners and charterers are navigating through the uncertainties to achieve compliance.

This session covers:

  • Shipping in the spotlight: How to challenge the negative perception of polluters (2.5% - 3.0% of global GHG emissions) and decarbonization laggards?
  • Regulations as a burden or chance: The race to zero as a competitive edge?
  • Compliance and beyond: Are we in a two-tier market already?
  • Strategies to future-proofing fleets
  • Role of charterers and financiers - who makes the rules of the game?

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