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Workplace Health and Safety

SafeContractor Accreditation Scheme (SCA)

On 24 January 2017, a Tuesday afternoon, our Business Assurance team attended an event held by Singtel at the NCS building in Singapore. The agenda of the day was to introduce a new standard known as the Singtel SafeContractor Accreditation Scheme (SCA) which is a mandatory certification for all firms who have contracts with Singtel. As part of the team behind the Singtel SCA, Mr. Sahu and Ms. Nurul from Singtel were on site to introduce the new standard and answer any questions. Mr. Chew from the Service Quality Centre went into further detail on the whole process of becoming certified.

Room full of attendees at Singtel's SafeContractor Accreditation Scheme event
DNV GL staff meeting with Singtel's contractors to discuss certification opportunities

As a qualified certification body for the Singtel SCA, DNV GL was there to meet these firms, some of whom we already work with. 10 companies have already gone through the pilot scheme and have been successfully certified. 

The Singtel SCA was implemented to ensure a standard across contractors with regards to workplace health and safety and compliments current safety management systems. There are mandatory requirements that firms need to meet to obtain the Singtel SCA such as job specific workplace health and safety training, BizSAFE Level 3, pledging zero accidents and a system for reporting incidents.

Workplace health and safety is important to all firms and are things that cannot be compromised. It is vital to have measures in place to reduce the chances of something happening and to mitigate risks. Good practices include having proper confined spaces (barricades, signage, tripod, ventilation fan etc.), avoiding uncovered manholes and not leaving heavy equipment and machinery unattended.

By being certified, you show that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure the workplace health and safety of all your employees and processes. It raises the qualification and standards of contractor staff and can help when it comes to winning contracts, as certification can be a prerequisite.

DNV GL also certifies companies for OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety. Click here to view our range of certification services.

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