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Aerospace Management Representative Calibration

Aerospace Management Representative Calibration that took place earlier this May.

In early May, our Aerospace Standards Principal Auditor/Sector Manager - Jimmy Phuah, led an aerospace calibration conference to discuss common non-conformities in the industry and how to manage them. At DNV, we believe that minor deviations can lead to major consequences. This is why calibration is important in the aerospace industry.

Jimmy touched base on several issues during the session. Some of which includes:

  • Addressing requirements stipulated in contractual documents, airworthiness regulatory and Aerospace Standards (i.e. AS9100, AS9110 & AS9120) requirements
  • Importance of leadership in communication, maintaining the integrity and effective implementation of the Quality Management System
  • Planning and supporting operations in the management of monitoring and measuring equipment while maintaining necessary controlled environmental conditions needed for the verification and calibration of the equipment
  • Ensuring staff attained the relevant competence needed for the produce and services conformity
  • Upholding stringent non-conformity reporting processes such as via Root Cause & Corrective Action to prevent recurrence and the Non-Conformity Report management

Participants also analysed real-life case studies relevant to the industry and benefited greatly from each other’s insights. 

At DNV, we offer both certification and training for AS/EN 91XX - Aerospace Standards. There are three relevant AS standards for the aerospace industry in the AS/EN 9100 series; AS/EN9100, AS/EN9110 and AS/EN9120. All standards in the AS9100 series are based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard. They build upon requirements to produce a globally harmonized standard that meet the requirements of aerospace companies worldwide. 

To find out more about the AS/EN 91XX - Aerospace Standards, click here

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