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Use blockchain technology to tell the story of every product

Introducing My Story™ - A Digital Assurance solution

Your products are unique, and you should show what sets them apart. We introduce My Story™, an off-the-shelf blockchain based Digital Assurance solution combining deep industry expertise, physical independent audits with data collection and verification services.


Increased transparency

Provide insights into characteristics and production processes behind the product and enable consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

By scanning a QR-code, consumers can through My Story™, see the full history of a product and the journey; from its ingredients and production methods to storage time and product reviews.

“Consumers are demanding more information about their purchases and My Story shines a light on the supply chain and products, allowing consumers to have instant and in-depth access to key products characteristics such as quality, authenticity, origin, ingredients, water and energy consumption and more, all verified by DNV GL along the entire transformation process,” says Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL – Business Assurance.

Companies on their end have the possibility to leverage on verified data to better understand their supply chain, while improving every aspect of products related to economic, quality, safety, environmental and ethical criteria.

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Italian wine makers

Italian wine industry is the first to adapt the solution, giving consumers an easy glance into the wine - from grape to bottle.

The four wine producers Michele Chiarlo, Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino and Torrevento will feature the My Story label on their bottles in stores within the end of the year.

The Italian wine inspection authority Valoritalia, which provides data gathered during regulatory inspection activities, is also involved in this project.

Even though the food and beverage industry is the first to implement the solution, digital assurance can benefit most consumer driven industries, providing companies with a better foundation to make decisions based on reliable data.

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Blockchain powered

My Story is the first solution based on the Digital Assurance concept. The application, powered by VeChain’s blockchain, will be available on DNV GL’s data management platform Veracity.

“This is the first step of a longer journey in which we will leverage on the combined and coherent use of blockchain, IoT, data curation and artificial intelligence to help customers building trust on their products, improving their performances and increasing efficiency in processes,” says Digital Transformation Director in DNV GL - Business Assurance Renato Grottola.

Wine bottle with MyStory label