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Benchmarking-based insight

Lumina™ is a set of performance benchmarking tools that provides better insight into a company’s management system. Analyzing the information hidden in the audit data allows for benchmarking of individual company performance against that of thousands of others. The analysis is based upon our database of 2.5 million audit findings worldwide, with 300,000 being added every year.

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In every training conducted by DNV, we share aggregated insight into the management system performance of the companies in our database. This allows for a unique insight into the risks lived by these companies, allowing you to quickly spot warning signs and opportunities within your own company.    

Lumina™ data supports companies in uncovering and prioritizing areas of the management system that needs to be improved. It allows companies to get their hands on the root causes of issues, rather than just a list of non-conformities. The challenges lived by your peers are quite likely to be your own risks, as well. It is this insight, connected to the theory and our trainers’ auditor experience, that we share in every training.    

Companies certified by DNV get access to their personalized Lumina dashboard where they can further benchmark their own performance against the total database and industry peers. This supports the further uncovering and prioritization the areas of your management system to identify improvement paths, enable decision-making, prioritize investments and facilitate sustainable business performance. We call it improvement through awareness. 

Lumina helps turn data into insight, giving you the confidence to make the right decisions.

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